Latest news: Minister of Solidarity: 27 December days for civil society organizations and social work

Egypt – Latest news of the day: Minister of Solidarity: 27 December days for civil society and social work

Today, on December 27, Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, announced a day for civil society organizations and for social work, based on the decision of the Arab Ministers of Social Affairs.

This happened during its presence on Thursday at the closing session of the Civil Society and Youth Forum, held for two days in Cairo under the chairmanship of the State of Lebanon, in preparation for the fourth Arab economic, social and development summit, which was held in January. Beirut is organized.

Wali said that this decision was recently taken at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Social Affairs to emphasize that the Arab social work is connected with social organizations because we are partners in achieving social action.

She expressed her pleasure to participate in the closure of the activities of the civil society forum and the Arab Youth Forum. The Council of Ministers of Social Affairs looked forward to the results of these important events. Economic development.

She added that civil society organizations, youth organizations, government agencies and the private sector are the triangle of development and can not work without one of the sides of this triangle, pointing out that if we want to achieve a comprehensive sustainable development and want to have a decent existence. guarantee, we must work together and share this development model and be followed by Arab countries and to be an honorable interface for all Arab countries in all the international forums.

She explained that the Arab world has a large number of civil society organizations, including the old one, and has a long history and important contributions, including promising young organizations, pointing out that these organizations support government efforts in many areas of social and economic development. and have important interventions in the areas of health, education and the disabled and the rehabilitation of young Arab cadres and the elimination of illiteracy and the spread of consciousness and culture and the confrontation of thinking and extremism.

She pointed out that the Council followed with great interest the activities of the Forum and heard the reports of the participants they wanted to present to Arab leaders at the Arab Summit for Economic and Social Development, which will be held in Lebanon next year, she emphasizes that the Council of Ministers of Arab Social Affairs will support these messages and work to achieve the content, including Good for Arab people.

The Minister of Social Solidarity celebrated the International Day of Volunteering in Sharm El Sheikh in the presence of Arab ministers of social affairs, volunteers and volunteers from Egyptian universities, and stressed that President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi wanted this ceremony under his personal care. place. Believing in the importance of volunteering and the important role it plays in building society and the role of civil society in realizing sustainable development plans.

Wally agreed with the recommendations of the forum. "I agreed with your request for economic, social and political empowerment of young people. I agreed with the importance of cooperation with the private sector and its involvement in development plans and the involvement of civil society in government plans. to participate in the development of development plans and to commit to the Council of Ministers of Social Affairs to support these demands and to develop plans to implement them. "

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