News 24 | An international expert explains how he made a foreign negotiation cry during the Kingdom’s accession negotiations to “world trade” (video)

An international expert tells how he made a foreign negotiation cry during the accession negotiations of the kingdom "world Trade"International trade expert Dr. Fawaz Al-Alami revealed the scenes of the Kingdom’s accession negotiations to the World Trade Organization in which he participated, and how he caused crying and the collapse of a foreign negotiation during the negotiations.

Al-Alami said they were dealing with a number of countries with many problems and misunderstandings, and one of the countries was the head of the negotiating member and everyone was afraid of it, and asked to negotiate with the delegation of the Kingdom.

He added that when they entered into negotiations, they were surprised by that president who says it is a shame that the kingdom is granting membership to the organization because it prevents foreign workers from entering his country.

He indicated that he asked her about the percentage of foreign workers in her country, and she replied that it was 2.5% His pride That is why he answered her that the percentage of foreign workers in the kingdom is 30%, even if it is Member In the organization to keep her country from joining it until it reaches 30%.

In his interview with “In the Image” program on the “Rotana Khalijia” channel, he explained that the president of that country was hers alone, collapsed and cried after turning the tables and her advisers accused her of not provide correct information.

He stressed that during the negotiation process they faced many difficulties in joining the organization, and that there are countries that the delegation members believed to be friends, but they found Her cooperation With other countries to increase the obligations of the kingdom.

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