Petrol prices are falling in five countries with the start of the new year

Burger – Riyadh

Gas prices have fallen in various Gulf and Arab countries since 1 January 2019.
The price of gasoline has dropped in the UAE, Oman, Jordan, Palestine and Qatar, where the new prices started on Tuesday from midnight.
In the UAE the price of petrol 98 was excellent, 2 dirhams per liter, while the petrol price 95 cost private 1.89 dirhams per liter and the price of diesel 2,30 dirhams.
In Amman the price of 91 regular petrol was 0.198 riyals / liter, while the price of benzene 95 was excellent 0.209 riyals / liter.
The price of gasoline in the Kingdom has not changed since January 2018, where the prices have to be applied at the end of the last hour on Sunday 13, Rabea Al Akhar 1439H corresponding to 31 December 2017, ie from 12 noon, midnight and the beginning of Monday, 14 Rabea Al Akhar 1439H January 2018, according to the following:

Petrol 91 against 1.37 SR per liter

Gasoline 95 at 2.04 SR per liter

Diesel "for industry and utilities" 0.358 SR per liter

Diesel "transport" the previous base price has not changed 0.47 per liter

Kerosene "unchanged the previous base price" 0.64 per liter

These prices include VAT.

At the end of 2018, the Minister of Finance, Mohammed al-Jad & # 39; confirmed that it was not intended to increase energy prices in the kingdom, except to review the price of gasoline in 2019, and the revision may include an increase or reduce or set the price as it is.
Minister for Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Eng. Khaled Al-Falih, in turn, pointed out in previous statements that the gasoline review in 2019 will take place with very small adjustments.

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