Pharmacists: vaccination campaign in the guesthouse for the elderly

Amman – Al-Rai

The Pharmacists Syndicate, in collaboration with the Health Protection Coalition, carried out the campaign to give the flu vaccine to qualified guests residing in the pension for the elderly / Juwaida / White Family Association.

The head of pharmacists dr. Zeid Al-Kilani said that the campaign stems from the role of pharmacist in pharmaceutical care and confirmation of his professional role within the health team, in addition to the role of the social and health union in improving the lives of Jordanian health, especially the elderly.

The campaign focused on about 1,000 guests of the guest house by giving them the flu vaccine by the team of vaccines and qualified pharmacists and trained trainers, in collaboration with one of the imported warehouses for the contamination.

It is worth mentioning that the syndicate through the vaccination program in community pharmacies aims to provide pharmaceutical care to all citizens and groups, always through qualified community pharmacies and widely distributed by certified and accredited pharmacists to provide the best pharmaceutical services that help people receive treatment and scientifically prevent diseases. Substantial improvement in the quality of life

The flu vaccine is an important and vital vaccine that must be given annually to a number of groups, of which the elderly are the most important to protect them against the risk of flu complications for their general health.

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