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Saudi Forum for Emerging Companies continues its sessions

The Saudi forum for emerging companies today held its second day under the title "Innovation in Community Leadership", as community entrepreneurship is of great importance for sustainable development and the development of a vibrant society that supports the vision of the modern Kingdom of 2030 at the Ritz Carlton. Hotel Jeddah realized.
Esam Al Zuhair, Vice President for Entrepreneurship, recognized the importance of strategic cooperation between Minshat and Wadi Makkah Technology Company and also spoke about the main successes of the Mecca Valley to support entrepreneurs and community leadership and invest in local youth capacities.
The meeting was followed by the introduction of the founder and CEO of the YES to Digital Group, Dr. Ammar Bakkar, to attend the speakers, starting with Her Royal Highness Princess Al-Bandari bint Abdulrahman Al-Faisal, CEO of King Khalid Foundation, and His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Sultan bin Nasser, And the founding partner of Trax Public Relations Company Sarah Al Ayed, co-founder and CEO of Tammy Company for Social Entrepreneurship of Jin Al-Obaid, and General Supervisor of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Jeddah University Hashem Al – Nimer.
Dr. Al-Nimr spoke about the importance of supporting universities and their collaboration in building community culture through student projects, emphasizing the importance of sociological research and supporting the creative minds at that stage, but emphasized the challenge with which universities at all levels, Between Saudi universities and the private sector to highlight student projects and make full use of the community service.
For his part, Dr. Ammar Bakkar, that the intellectual awareness of the student increases the study, and incubator is the basis of universities, but where the research effort? .
He also stressed the importance of the feasibility study for community leadership projects of the student himself or the owner of the idea, as noted by Sarah Ayed, emphasizing that the stage of cultivating the culture of community leader begins education, but not of the university, but from kindergarten, Innovative to serve its community.
The discussion about the obstacles faced by all community entrepreneurs, and what government, private and third parties should take to support the development and approval of these projects and ideas, and the discussion about the awareness of the concept of community leadership and the difference between them and entrepreneurship.
During his presentation at the forum princess Al-Bandari praised the quality of support, consultation and meetings of the forum for entrepreneurs and their happiness as the King Khalid Charity Association: "I am pleased that community entrepreneurship is part of this forum. very large and important area, and pay attention to it, helps create jobs and solutions for community issues, and needs innovation and ideas for young people with possible solutions.
Jane Al-Obaid, for her part, emphasized that community entrepreneurship is a sector that comes in many areas, such as health care, education and areas related to low-income beneficiaries or facing certain life problems, noting that these solutions are adopted and not only depend on the government sector, we have enabled people to build these solutions and social challenges. "The most important part that I want to focus on is that building programs, projects and strategies is not limited to four walls: what are the problems they are trying to solve and the removal of these problems? have a long way to go to spread the concept of community entrepreneurship, there are incubators that employ entrepreneurs as social entrepreneurs, but there is no focus on impact, although this type of entrepreneurship is highly dependent on the sustainability of the finance impact ".
Prince Faisal Bin Sultan spoke about the importance of the permanent presence of such forums because the experiences gathered on this forum are always difficult to collect in one place. "This forum discussed an important issue: our social concerns are always shared, and the benefit I see from this forum is invaluable, and I hope that this will be the beginning of forums and forums of this level," pointing out that the The majority of the audience had a very academic level, therefore felt that their awareness of the concept of community leadership was good, and wanted to see a presence of young people in the coming time, there are great experiences they need to understand, Attracted by young people m Such forums parallel to large media campaigns.
At the end of the session, the discussion and questions were opened with the public and the exchange of views and success stories of various Saudi community entrepreneurship projects, followed by a round of speakers at the associated exhibition and identification of entrepreneurial projects participating in the Saudi Forum for Emerging Companies organized by the General Organization for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises In a strategic partnership with Wadi Makkah Technology Company, which included the first day of workshops and discussion sessions, and a competition for entrepreneurs to present their projects to investors and venture capital funds to get support for the growth of their projects and their transformation of emerging projects to Small, medium and large Roat effectively contribute to the payment of national development.

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