The first in the Arab world .. The extradition of Ria Hassan, the internal portfolio of Lebanese concerns for political security

Regarding the formation of the Lebanese government, led by Saad Hariri last Thursday, the mix of internal & # 39; tinkering and fearing caused, just as it sent messages of ambiguity, such as part of the gap warnings from the United States and Israel, as well as France friendly.

The size of tinkering on the government line, on the social network pages, can at least be honored from the standpoint that it contained precedents in the combination of "women and money", the perfect recipe for humor and disobedience.

In the so-called "Thalathine" government, four women's bags, a precedent accompanied by the transfer of the interior portfolio of Mrs Ria Al-Hassan, who had previously served as Minister of Finance.

Postpartum pregnancy is impotent

The new Minister of Home Affairs has been a member of the Hariri & # 39; s Future Movement core working group in recent years. In the current formation, one of the symbols of the current, Nihad al-Mashnouq, whose absence was understood by the relevant parties, fills the vacuum in the context of public and unconditional talks about the multitude of aspiring candidates within Hariri's party to make progress in the job description.

The & # 39; mobile joke & # 39; when handing over the bag of a woman to a woman is numerous, although the most common is to say that Lebanese women long at home as & # 39; internally & # 39; were described, a sign that they are powerful and guardians of the family budget.

In the same family and social context of political propaganda, the characterization of the government was described as the birth of a helpless pregnancy. From the first day of Hariri's appointment, 24 May, to the day of the January 31 announcement, eight months and six days (252 days), it was a difficult and controversial pregnancy.

Characterization of the composition

Even when the announcement was announced, many of them were surprised by the timing, Druid leader Walid Jumblat responded by describing the combination as a brutal exchange and that the password he did not know was the Cedar Economic Conference. Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese armed forces, was also represented in the case.

On the other hand, Hariri took a different precedent when he accompanied the new Minister of the Interior to a visit to his father's grave, Rafik Hariri, and revealed that he consulted his aunt in the formation of the government and the comments of his intellectuals as a feminist.

The suspension of Prime Minister Hariri on the formation and distribution of government quotas is the same as from the beginning and there was no reason for obstruction. .

The power of obstruction exists in Hezbollah's hands

All people inside and outside Lebanon spoke with the slogan of "self-diligent". In the composition of the government, they read a clear dominance of Hezbollah and its ally, the national trend, about the government, by possessing the mutilated third party that the ministry ultimately entrusts to their will.

This means that the government will give priority to its political program to normalize relations with Syria and denigrate Iran's implementation. The government's economic program, in the area of ​​public finance financing and expenditure control, would also be a matter of dispute over the interests of factions.

The dominance of Hezbollah, Amal and the National Trend on the new Hariri government has made Washington angry in terms of the ability of a ministry such as the Ministry of Health, at the expense of Hezbollah, to channel its expenditures and powers to To break US embargo against Iran.

In addition, the financial portfolio went to the Amal movement, while the defense portfolio went to the national trend, and thus three core portfolios full of Hezbollah.

These reactions quickly caused negative reactions from Israel, while the French reaction welcomed the end of the period of hesitation and intransigence, with a clear emphasis on the principle of "self-distance".

The interior became political security and no public safety

In the question marks that are still stuck in the Beirut space, a question about "what has come to end the blocking of the composition by Hezbollah?" This is what Walid Jumblatt grinned without answering him.

The second question concerns the capacity of Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan to mobilize the government president, who is interwoven with the conflicts of the security services, to the extent that it attracts the complex security problems that the will and the stronger hand of a woman with experience in financial issues. That is why they describe the ministry not so much for internal security as for "political security."

Politicians recall that Hariri hinted during the recent period of weakness that he would take over the interior portfolio because it is the key to stability or instability in a country full of weapons by militias and civilians, and in an explosive regional environment in which Lebanon has a backyard. is.

The next Israeli strike in Lebanon

Fear in Beirut that the transfer of the Ministry of the Interior to a woman "stone Sanmar", which threatens the architecture of the government in the coming days and quickly, is the fear of media leaks that reinforce it.

Frequent information indicates that Israel has intelligence reports that Iran has recently relocated many of its equipment and troops, in Syria, to Lebanon to be within Hezbollah's control areas, a matter at the core of the powers and controls of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The information also says that the Israeli attack on Iran will be in Lebanon.

That is why this information was published about an Israeli-Iranian confrontation in Lebanon, with leaks that the French presidency asked Israel not to enter into this strike before announcing the formation of the government. Which means that France has no objection to the strike after the formation of the government.

Spokeswoman for the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs denied rumors, but the denial did not diminish the fears of Lebanese politicians from the power of the prospect of a new government … Four women carry portfolios, some sovereigns like the interior.

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