You are a traitor and your eyes are an egg, and I am responsible for my words! • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Composer Wissam Al-Amir attacked artist Ragheb Alama after composing a song for him that he is expected to present in the near future.

And the ‘prince’ posted a tweet on Twitter in the context of the tension of the new work, describing Alama as ‘a traitor and his eyes are white’, explaining that he is responsible for his words and that the days guarantee what he says.

For his part, “Alama” said in a video clip he posted while recording the song in Tony Saba’s studio, with Wissam Al Amir and Tony Saba next to him: “We worked a lot to get to the required level, and it will be released in the coming period.

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