‘At best, that Kobe sucker was Steph Curry! “

Because it’s always good to remember Kobe Bryant’s greatness, and the recognition he could get in the entire world of entertainment, return to the hilarious speech a rapper gave on the Mamba.

Since his tragic disappearance last January, Kobe Bryant Logically receives countless testimonials of admiration from the basketball world, as well as from other personalities. The Mamba, a player whose fame transcends the sport’s purview, has left no one indifferent during his career.

The rap industry was particularly unanimous about him, with tributes all more poignant than the others after his death. Just like Kanye West, the more unknown artist Boosie Badazz had tried in April 2019 to express all his adoration to the legend of the Lakers for Vlad TV. And the result is still as cult.

Kobe was a fucking bastard. Hey, people don’t realize it. I saw him in action, brother! Like, that bastard planted 13 three-point shots in a … That Kobe bastard was Steph Curry! This enc * was… “Ougadooblow”! Hey, Kobe Bryant at its best? Seriously, with a shaved head and all? THAT WAS A HOLY ENC * LE, MAN!

You will understand that the rather pejorative qualification given to Kobe was meant to be extremely affectionate in this case. Boosie is certainly not the biggest NBA fan in his community – as evidenced by his funky remix of the name Giannis Antetokounmpo – but is deeply scarred by his idol’s exploits on the parquet floors.

With regard to his comparison between Bean and Steph Curry, it has all the exaggeration. Bryant never had the number of shots from the Warriors’ point guard, or even his success in the drill. However, he remained the record holder for banderillas competing in a 12-unit competition for a long time, before being dethroned… by the chief.

Imagine a mix of the talents of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry… and you get Kobe Bryant to the fullest according to Boosie Badazz. A fine analysis as we like it.

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