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Cegedim: 2019 – APRIL 15 News cegedim.cloud assists KITRY in the management of more than 2 million medical records Read more


Cegedim.cloudguides KITRY in the management of more than 2 million

medical records

Boulogne-Billancourt, April 15, 2019

Cegedim.cloud, specialist in private cloud hosting, has entered into a technological partnership with KITRY, recognized publisher in the field of software solutions for health and safety at work. They combine their expertise to provide a & # 39; full-web & # 39; solution that allows companies, healthcare institutions and communities to implement their prevention, health and safety programs for their employees.

This collaboration brings the recognized expertise of K.ITRYthe technical resources and expertise of Cegedim.cloudin the field of hosting personal health data.

"The personal data generated in the context of occupational health are among the most sensitive. Their management requires recourse to a robust information system and hosting capacity according to the standards of the French Digital Health Agency (ndr: ASIP Santé) ", statesFrédéric Le Guillou, CIO of Cegedim.cloud.

Many companies have already chosen the solution K.ITRY EHShosted by Cegedim.cloudfor the management of their occupational medicine, including major players in the banking, transport, automotive, energy, electronics and public sectors, with a total of more than 2 million managed records.

"The skills ofCegedim.cloudin hosting health data, combined with our 20 years of occupational health expertise, meeting the needs of companies looking for a complete solution to efficiently implement this crucial responsibility ", underlines Pierre Létargez, president of Kitry.

Viewed as a whole project

K.ITRY EHSis a modular computer solution for managing health and safety at work. Adjustable and adaptable, it makes it possible to integrate the internal procedures of companies. Adapt to all organizations, K.ITRY EHSis available in a special version and in a SaaS version. The solution's native multilingualism offers the possibility of centralized exploitation of European customers around the world.

The implementation project is approached in its entirety, from analysis to integration and up to and including evolutionary maintenance. The hosting of the data is insured on the hosts of Cegedim.cloudlocated in Paris and Toulouse.

About KITRY:

Since 1989, KITRY has specialized in publishing health and safety data security software for companies, large international groups, healthcare institutions and local authorities. KITRY EHS is intended for companies that have chosen to have their own internal prevention service to take advantage of well-being at work to improve productivity and presenteism. www.kitry.eu

about Cegedim.cloud:

Cegedim offers under the cegedim brand.clouda unique palette of cloud services for hosting critical applications and sensitive data: outsourcing (full outsourcing), platforms managed or Platform as a Service (PaaS), virtual servers on demand or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), colocation (private space) within Cegedim's data centers). Fourth French software publisher (Truffle100 ranking 2018) and first publisher in health (Truffle100 and Syntec Digital ranking), cegedim.cloudrelies on nine data centers, including three in France, distributed in America, Europe and Asia, on more than 300 private clouds and on the IT expertise of 120 employees to ensure that their customers have their critical applications available and have 400,000 daily users the confidentiality of their sensitive data.

To find out more: https://cegedim.cloud/


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