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Death of novelist Dominique Noguez, former Femina prize

Paris, March 15, 2019 (AFP) – Romancier Dominique Noguez, laureate of the Fémina prize in 1997, died in the night of Thursday to Friday in a hospital in Paris at the age of 76. his publisher.

Dominique Noguez was a sensitive writer and specialist in experimental cinema and was in particular the literary discoverer of Michel Houellebecq.

A graduate of the École Normale Supérieure, associate professor of philosophy and a strong advocate of the Francophonie, Dominique Noguez is the author of a protean work.

It leaves essays about cinema, many literary essays including "The soft colonization, fire the French language?", Various books about Marguerite Duras, news and nine novels including "Black love" (Gallimard) crowned in 1997 by the Femina prize.

He had just published a learned and funny book on March 7: & # 39; Another quote, Mr. Executioner! & # 39; (Albin Michel), bringing together "the most beautiful aphorisms".

This book is a good example of why he received the Black Humor Award in 1999 (with the book & # 39; Christmas Gifts & # 39; from Zulma). He was also the author of the sweet-bitter "How to completely miss his life in eleven lessons" (Payot & Rivages, 2002).

"Humor is a serious matter, it is the most serious thing, it is the only serious thing, because if it is really activated and truly understood, it encompasses the whole human greatness and it is solar energy and at the same time the darkest night" , he wrote in "L & # 39; homme de l & # 39; humor" (Gallimard, 2004)

In 2013 he published an autobiographical story, "A year that starts well" (Flammarion), where he wondered about the surprises and disappointments of love. His latest novel, "The Interruption" (Flammarion) was released last year. A report of an attempt to report to the Collège de France, this sparkling, cerebral and humorous book will remain as a literary UFO with keen conversations, sex, dinners, enthusiasm, melancholy and a surprise final.

One of his last public interventions dates from December last year, when he had regretted in a grandstand in the world that academics had not crowned "The Lambeau", Philippe Lançon, because this book is not a novel.

Dominique Noguez, himself a member of the December jury, wrote that "it is time for the jury of the main awards to become aware of the existence of an ever-thriving branch of the literary tree". "auto-fiction". He begged to "recognize the unity of literature and the equality of masterpieces, no matter how imaginative they may be."

Dominique Noguez was rewarded in 2017 (good 2017) with the prize from the French Academy for all his work.

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