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Dismissal of Thierno Alassane: Macky bleached TOTAL

For the first time, the head of state decides on the resignation of Thierno Alassane Sall, who left the head of the energy department on 2 May 2017, on the day that the state had to sign an important contract with the gigantic petrogazier Frans.

When he reacted on December 31 to a question from our colleague Cheikh Yerim Seck who breathed new life into the controversy, the president of the republic first said that the former leader of the party's cadres did not fail to operate according to his goodwill. The cantor of the republic values ​​is fired, if we believe that Macky Sall made these remarks during a large interview & # 39; that has been awarded to local journalists.

The leader of the AP believes that TOTAL, which does ultra-deep research, is the only company interested in the natural resources discovered under our skies. Thus the first Senegalese reveals that even China, of which he is the number one he recently visited, drove around the cheese. He also revealed the interest of the Italian ENI for these sources. Macky Sall states that the three-color company enjoys the same treatment as these competitors from other countries.

That is why he threw a tip of the veil about relations between Senegal and France, recalling that Paris Dakar, after his election in 2012, & # 39; Solidarity & # 39; and & # 39; support & # 39; had SENELEC problems and threats to the salaries of civil servants.

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