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Evolution: the fifth generation of the RAV4 offers a new platform – Auto

Toyota's flagship SUV gets a makeover for the fifth time. But this generation is changing its platform with the approval of the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) which, for example, has already been used by the Prius.

This important change leads to a better stiffness and a lower center of gravity, elements that improve road handling, as shown by the tests that are being performed on winding roads to the north of Barcelona.

Better visibility and friendly interior space

Japanese designers took the opportunity to offer the RAV4 (short for Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD) a tapered profile, a great elegance. It is characterized by a hood with a depth of 15 mm that increases the field of view. Renewed windows improve the round view of the driver and passengers.

The latter, at the back, have a larger inner space in the legs and shoulders. The seat and steering settings are also up. Not to mention a rear-view mirror with two positions: a classic mirror or a screen that controls the shooting of a camera in the rear door. A good way to find out what happens behind the vehicle when the rear window is obstructed by luggage or passengers … voluminous.

The trunk does not really benefit from these good arrangements. If it maintains its minimum volume (580 against 577 l), it loses 86 l (1690 vs. 1776 l) when the rear folders are folded down. But this shortage is compensated by a loading area of ​​60 mm long.

Two engines for the new RAV4

No one will be surprised if they learn that the main engine is hybrid. In this respect it is worth mentioning that the sales percentage of this type is 89%. The device chosen for the new RAV4 combines a 2.5 l petrol unit with electrical devices. The CVT machine is always on the rendezvous. And the engine still races a bit faster in the climbs. In traction version the total power is displayed with 218 hp. The four-wheel drive model accommodates an electric rear engine that delivers drive. The power then reaches 222 hp. Tests on muddy and sometimes muddy roads have shown that the RAV4 is comfortable on the asphalt thanks to a trail mode, which completes the Norm, Sport and Eco positions.

Hybrid refractories can choose a petrol engine of 2 l and 175 hp. Also available in two- and four-wheel drive.

The indoor mirror screen mode. (Image: Toyota)

The trunk oscillates between 580 and 1690 l. (Image: Toyota)

Expand a dashboard on the screen. (Image: Toyota)


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