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The revelations of Football Leaks continue. And this Tuesday is the turn of AS Monaco to be the core of this. According to documents analyzed by the German media Der Spiegel, and unveiled by Mediapart in recent hours, the club Dimitri Rybolovlev has played rules regarding the recruitment of several minor players. All thanks to some people "combined"until then secret.

As we know, the policy of the ASM has been clear for years: attracting young players with a lot of potential … to sell them again later. With, of course, considerable capital gains. In this system it is therefore absolutely essential for Monegasque leaders to recruit promising players at a young age. Problem, a player can not sign his prospective contract (or pupil) before his 15 years.

Premiums for parents

To prevent this "issue"So the club of the rock has found different ways, for example, to recruit a young player of twelve and a half, Nicolas Holveck, the Monegasque Deputy Director General, describes in an e-mail the"best of his generation", the ASM promises a signing bonus of 15,000 euros to the parents of the young player … than a premium of 20,000 euros"at the early signing of the aspirant contractThe rent of the player and his training would even be supported, as well as the costs of the family to do an internship in Monaco. Several agreements signed under private seal, making it possible to not pass them on to the League of professional football (LFP).

Vice President of Monaco Vadim Vasilyev

Vice President of Monaco Vadim VasilyevPanoramic

During interrogation by Mediapart, the body delivered its version of the facts. "The use of private underwriting & # 39; to contract terms that do not appear in the employment contract because they are illegal, is prohibited under the Professional Football Charter.", says the LFP, adding that such actions"considered void and invalid"and that sanctions would then be"inflicted on the partiesThe non-solicitation agreement of the player, which obliges the parents and the minor player not to report elsewhere, was registered in September 2017 by the LFP. The official document does not mention any benefits for the player. interested and his family.

As Mediapart adds, the ASM summarizes all payments for minor players in a single table called "follow chart of upcoming players"In total, the amount is about 1.1 million euros (bonuses, homologation-aspirant contract, etc.) for 22 players, one of which even signed for 11 years.

" Keep them in the hope that they join our professional staff"

Asked by Mediapart, the Rock club finds that its practices to recruit less important players have a purpose: "build loyalty in the hope that they join our professional staff"It is certainly for this purpose that a bonus of 17,000 euros is promised to the family of a 14-year-old Drancy player."Yes, everything to pay to the mother", the ASM replies to one of its executives about the payment.According to this, the law is clear with regard to a contract with minors: it does not give rise to "no compensation or indemnification or the granting of any benefit whatsoever"for a natural or legal person"acting in the name of and for the minor".

In addition to the bonuses, the Monegasque leaders sometimes connect to find a job for the parents of the player in question. For the mother of one of them, the ASM is looking for a position, for example "housekeeper"Or again a message"handyman"for someone else."This is not problematic in itself (it is, of course, a real job", the LFP responds to Mediapart.

How do you pay money to agents?

As explained above, no intermediary has the right to receive money from a transfer of a minor player. What about agents? Football leaks reveal the means used to pay them. For example, in order to pay a bonus to Jorge Pires, an agent who worked on the arrival of the young Ruben Vinagre, the ASM is proposed to fulfill its mission as a contract of "scoutingAccording to Mediapart, this practice is nowadays very common for "payment commissions that do not respect the rules".

Another method: pay the player for the last to return the money to his agent through bonuses in his contract. "like [Ruben Vinagre] will live in Monaco and he will not pay taxes, he will be able to refund the money to the agent", explains Daniel Bique, legal manager, in an e-mail, Mediapart reveals another"combines"quite common, that is to pay part of the commission for a player X … on the contract of a player Y, provided of course that it has the same agent.

In addition to these revelations about the ASM, Football Leaks tackle several other clubs, such as Chelsea, Atlético Madrid, Manchester City or various Belgian clubs, such as Anderlecht.

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