Juliette Binoche, actress and president of the jury of the Berlinale festival

The role of actress Juliette Binoche in this cinematographic event

In 2019, Juliette Binoche becomes the chairman of the jury of the Berlinale. It is held at the beginning of February and is the largest European cinema event of the year. In a statement, the director of the event, Dieter Kosslick, expressed his joy about this responsibility to the French actress.

A festival that is held at the beginning of the year

Cr in 1951, the international festival reward the best longmage of the Golden Bear. The Jurs are film professionals and personalities from the world of art and culture. The 69e takes place from 7 to 17 February and theGolden bear is given the day before the closure on the 16th.


Juliette Binoche is one of the runners of the Berlinale Yohan BONNET / AFP

The comedienne entrusted her new role

The 54-year-old actress said in a statement that it is a great honor for her to the chairman of the jury. She also added that she is looking forward to this special appointment [‘] . For this new name, Juliette Binoche follows German director Tom Tykwer.

Juliette Binoche, a premium actress at the biggest festivals

this one actress franaise is the first European to win an interpretation prize at three major film festivals, including Cannes and Venice. She is known for her performances in films like The English patient and certified copy. Other projects with the comdienne are in preparation for 2019.

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