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Meeting: Madické justifies his resignation • Rewmi.com

The candidate of the coalition "Madické 2019" has acted to explain his resignation from the position of substitute.

Madické states: "I would like to draw attention to the fact that, following the solemn and emotional public statement by Serigne Mountakha Mbacké, Khalif General of the Mourides with which the illustrious guide stated that my status is superior to any political position, regardless of level , I can't hold on to a deputy position, he said after meeting the Madické Niang Fans Club "Jamm Comunity" last Saturday, he decided to write a letter to the Secretary General of the Senegalese Democratic Party ( PDS) and another to the President of Senegal, the National Assembly, on the one hand, to resign as a member of the PDS and on the other as a member of the National Assembly. "It is important to remember that I am alone in my position as a representative of the people. explicit request from Mr Abdoulaye Wade in the presence of a mutual friend and after the intervention of members of the Freedom and Have retained democracy. Today I bring to the attention that I have just sent a letter of resignation from my deputy to the President of the National Assembly, "the Madické 2019 coalition leader told the presidential election on 24 February.

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