Morocco: Casablanca Stock Exchange completes 2018 Down

No less than 52 billion dirhams (1 euro = 10.7 dirhams) were traded on the Moroccan stock market in the year 2018. Attijariwafa Bank is at the top of the ranking of the most active values ​​of the coast by draining only about one quarter of the total volume, or about 9.1 billion dirhams.

The best performance of the year was achieved by the provider of electronic banking solutions HPS (+ 53%); Dari Couspate (+ 39%); M2 M (+ 24%); Maghreb Oxygen; Cartier Saada and Aluminum from Morocco (23%).

The most important outperformance of the year was recorded by alliances (-58%); Stroc Industry (-50%); Total, Fenie Brossette (-49%); Douja promotion, Med Paper (-48%) and Managem (-46%).

The year that ends is the worst since 2008 in most international cities. In Europe, the broadened Stoxx 600 index lost 13%. The CAC 40 fell by 10.95% during the year. In the United States the Dow lost 5.6%, the S & P 500 slightly more than 6% and the Nasdaq Composite 4.1%.

The Dubai Stock Exchange was also not spared by this downward trend. It had its worst dive, with a 25% drop in 2018. The Oman Stock Exchange lost 15%. The other places in the Gulf have been successful, driven by an increase in oil prices during the year.

Qatar is one of the big winners, with an annual increase of 21% in its stock market index, despite the economic and political blockade imposed by its neighbors for almost 18 months. The Saudi stock exchange rose by 8.3%. The Tunis Stock Exchange shows an increase of 15% over the year 2018.


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