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The reasons for leaving Aminata Tall!

Indeed, since the re-election of Macky Sall, it was whispered that Amina Tall would not remain in the position of President of Cese during the 5 years of the second term. According to an authoritative source, Macky Sall had long wanted to divorce Aminata Tall on the grounds that she had lost political ground in Baol. As proof, the BBY coalition was nearly overthrown by the opposition during the last elections in Diourbel. And according to local officials, the poor results recorded in the Diourbel department are the fruits of the superficial work of Mrs. Aminata Tall.

That is not all. She was accused of setting up her own electoral committee during the presidential election, parallel to that of the coalition that had a representative in the person of the mayor, departmental, municipal and neighborhood coordinators. The excuse in this case is that Aminata Tall went to vote on the day of the elections in Dakar (Yoff) to return to Diourbel only in the evening to celebrate a victory that is not his.

She had become a cumbersome ally for Macky who blamed him for not getting the sweater wet on the political field. At the origin of his departure from the EESC, the pressure from BBY and Apr women on Macky Sall to replace Aminata Tall with the minister of state, Marième Badiane.

But nothing seems to be lost for Aminata Tall, known for her strong personality. The last, whose Diourbel constituency has been rejected, will not be sent to retirement by President Macky Sall. In other words, Aminata Tall could benefit from a potent post. It is a way for President Sall to push it as she begins her withdrawal from politics. (With Senenews)

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