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Who are the death diggers of the dialogue?

The coordination of Benno Bokk Yaakar's executives, in a statement issued on March 14, violently attacked the Idy 2019 coalition candidate, after a press conference held in the presence of all coalition leaders.
These so-called frames are in fact only usurpators of function, because it is not a frame that will.
The executive is not as professional of politics as we are used to seeing.
Rather, it is someone who has advice and advice to enable the authority to read and anticipate future events or find solutions to current problems. In short, it must be a carrier of light.
Do these Benno Bokk Yaakar executives claim President Macky SALL's lantern? We tend to answer in the negative.
Indeed, they are rowing against their president who has called for an open and constructive dialogue.
By attacking President Idrissa SECK, who is undoubtedly the leader of the Senegalese opposition, so virulently, they do not undermine the basis of this dialogue without even allowing the coalition to express an opinion. motivated?
Who knows better today than President Idrissa SECK that "power is not an end in itself"?
Is President Idrissa SECK not in his role as leader of the opposition to set himself up as a sentinel of democracy and as a defender of the cardinal values ​​that demand more justice, solidarity and peace from the bed of our state? ?
Who does not remember the indignation with which Macky SALL, candidate for the presidential election, opposed President Abdoulaye Wade that he even threatened to dislodge the palace if he seized the will of the Senegalese?
Was he not at the forefront of the protests, his "sea god duke" in control, President Abdoulaye Wade's third term?

Who cares better than President Idrissa Seck for the interests of the nation?
He preferred reconciliation to prevent bloodshed after seeing his victory confiscated by President Macky SALL. This earned him the congratulations and encouragement of the Caliph of the Mourides!

It seems that Benno's "executives" don't want dialogue because they think the more competent opposition leaders will steal the show.
They speculate on ancillary issues by waving questions about the third term, while President Macky SALL has not yet taken an oath, about local elections or even about the succession of the president.
This survival instinct shows that they are only interested in their personal promotion.
We ask the President to distinguish between those who work for Senegal and those who pretend and are only driven by their crypto-personal interests.
If President Macky's plea is frank and sincere, if the dialogue is clear and focused on the pacification of our country's political space and good governance, then I do not despise President Idrissa SECK and the other leaders of the coalition will respond positively to the exclusive interest of Senegalese women and Senegalese who are their daily concern.

El Hadji Abdou Wade said Mara, a member of
the Communication Task Force Idy 2019

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