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One of the most spectacular collections of super sports cars is in Japan.

There are car enthusiasts who would like to have more than one Ferrari or Lamborghini in their garage and there are also rare, wealthy collectors who own an entire fleet of these premium models.

Among these are certain Miura from Japan, whose name is a clear association with Lamborghini and his legendary model of the same from the sixties. Although Miura also has some incredibly rare copies of Lamborghini, his Ferrari collection dominates.

Not only are all hyperport models from the history of the Maranel manufacturer, from the 288 GTO to the latest LaFerrari, Miura already owns two copies of some of these cars, while some vehicles are extremely rare in the world.

As far as Lamborghini is concerned, the Reventon model is made in a very limited edition.

In addition to the space where only hip sports cars with the most extreme performances are held, there is still a room in which & # 39; regular & # 39; super sports models are placed, including the prototype of the famous Lamborghini Countach.

The collection of Mr. Miura is one of the most famous superhero fans, known to Jutjuba as Shmee150. to enjoy:

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