Bol is only deeper and stronger … Milić Vukašinović about the death of his daughter Maya, two months after the tragedy | Telegraph

– My child was unhappy. Not for love, not for some problems in life. Above all she wanted to get rid of addiction, but that was not possible – Milic said

Milić Vukašinović, daughter of Maya

King of Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll Milić Vukašinović first spoke publicly about the pain he had after his daughter Maja Avdibegović committed suicide on 25 July.

The daughter of Milic Vukasinovic was found dead in the apartment

Milić points out that the pain of losing the successor is deeper and stronger.

The more time passes, the longer the distance, the pain is only deeper and stronger – Milic started his story and continued:

Milić Vukašinović, Photo: TV Pink

– The personality of the person consists of three parts. Woman, child or children, and his business personality, I mean career. And if a child or a woman is lost, that chair if he stands on three legs, then he is equipped with air conditioning. My child was unhappy. Not for love, not for some problems in life. She especially wanted to get rid of the addiction and she could not. She even had two children, who were deprived of her for an addiction. She could not even win this maternal instinct for addiction.

Milic's deceased daughter Maya was a narcotic addict for more than twenty years. Several times she tried to take her life because, as the rocker herself says, she did not deal with her problem, even when she was being taken away by two underage children.

Photo: Facebook / Maja Avibegovic

– That is with my daughter, it takes twenty years. She was very young after the war, she was in the mid-nineties, she was addicted to the drugs. And that's the way it usually is. She fell in love with a beautiful boy, a nice drummer. She loved music, she wanted to be a drummer. And that boy, I think, introduced it to all of this. We came late as parents, as all parents know later – said Milic.

Photo: Facebook / Maja Avdibegovic

Maya several times over the media blamed her father. Milić knew that the only reason he did not give her enough money was her drugs.

– My deceased daughter called the press, so she wrote everything about me. If I had dumped her on the floor, I was drunk, and so on. And that's all to avenge me that I did not want to send her enough money because she thought I should send them, and I knew why she needed that money. I wanted to present exactly this problem so that other people, based on what I say, could do something with their child – concluded Milic.


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