Djordje David about Jelena Karleusa: It means a compliment from a person who is accompanied by 1.8 million people, it is a dream for me!

After accepting Saša Popović's bid to join the already staged team, Djordje David became a member of the "Star of Granda" jury. When it was still a secret, singer Jelena Karleusa hinted that it was someone who was sharp in language, but also a good guy & # 39 ;. Smoker did not stay with her and thanked him in some way for the compliments.

– Unfortunately! There, you see, we will not be able to repeat because I have already found a wife and she is my husband. It is in any case a compliment, because it is rare that someone likes it. It means a compliment from a person who follows 1.8 million people on social networks. It is just a dream for me, probably for the rest of my life! She has seen a lot about the world and show business – he said.

Since this is the most popular music competition, a famous rocker has decided to join the team.

– Saša Popović has made me a hell of life! Of course I'm joking, but when he invited me to become a jury, I first looked at how and what was going on. Although, I was a guest of the previous season as & # 39; mysterious & # 39; and then Sasha loved the way I was. He called me and immediately told me that the concept of the competition had changed, and that is forever forgiven me. The position of the mentor in something that is orthodox and hard has given me an opportunity and for all of us who are hacking how we do not get room in the media sky to help some young people choose songs that are very rocky & # 39; n & # 39; roll.

Do they have rock musicians altogether?

– From season to season there is a growing number of pop and rock songs. Bosnia still insists on thrillers and orthodox folk. It is so ?? s climate. Candidates from Croatia and Slovenia sing folk singers to fascinate judges. And, of course, there are those who are trying to break new methods into new world trends to like Jelena. I am new to the jury and I can be a serious stone over which candidates can stumble. But I will not crack and pee until I meet those with whom I have to work. As far as I am concerned, those who have the elephant shot in the ear fall in the first round, for sure! It will be a rescue for them, but also for a jury, who will not experience such a lobotomy anymore. It is difficult to concentrate and listen and evaluate for six to seven hours. It is a serious task. Difficult and responsible.

Do you only choose rockers as your mentor?

– No, of course I chose the boy who sang the song of Enes Begovic, and that is not a deadline at all. I do not want to do my will, I would be mad if I put someone in shoes who do not stand.

How much do you know folk music?

– I know her very well! I am an old school, Dado Topić and Oliver have told me that I must rule my own business. That I have to know everything. Because you can not be versatile and you can concentrate in one direction if you want to succeed.

Do you know a song? Anne Bekute? What is your favorite?

– I was not born to live alone.

Which song Snezana Djurisic do you like?

– Her opus is huge, Mary, of course, I know their songs.

What is the matter with Jelena Karleusa?

– I also know the opus of Karleusa. Like Viki, and also what Bosanac made … It would be stupid that I do not know. It would be stupid to sit next to them, without knowing who they are. I could not sit next to them because it is a reflection of respect. Regardless of my age and an actor and a rocker. They all deserve a lot of respect.

Karleusa said she should "bully" you a bit …

– That's all normal and okay. I can only say that they save me a lot and watch out, if camera's do not include all the effort to explain to me what is necessary and what is not, and I am grateful for that. Everyone who tells me this is easy to do, I spit on him! This is a serious task, very difficult, for which you have to be focused and responsible, because you are responsible for someone's destiny. Not to mention how difficult it is to hear 50 songs and candidates, of which five may know something.

Have you "called" rockers that you agreed to sit in the jury?

– Maybe some people save until they see what it means, and there are only responses from some & # 39; invisible & # 39 ;, that are not further away from the club and that for the game and the game believe that they just go outside must and that they do something bad and that they do it after they have done it beer. To tell you, when you agree with a circus, you also agree on the good and bad sides of the circus. This job gives you fantastic moments, making you feel like a dragon, but it also gives moments that stop you with all your strength, so you wonder what it's all about.

A "twist" appeared on social networks, which said roughly: "Oh God, give us EKV, give us back to Generation 5, here is Grand!" How do you place yourself in the jury "Granda" in this context? Do you have the idea that you have betrayed an idea?

– So I did not come to sing folk songs! This is a serious opportunity to show people that there are other things, that there is a different way of thinking and music, and that is not Mary, for example. Otherwise she sings both hands and pop! She is a serious professor. I want to show candidates what I grew up and built myself. I represent what the seventies and eighties called the mainstream in Yugoslavia. Representatives, besides EKV, and Davor Gobac, Riblia Corba, Bajaga, Zebra, Heavy Industry … I want to open this door for them.

If that works, okay and not like that?

– I do not admit that I will not succeed! I never go into the crumb if I'm not sure if I will succeed. I can sing very well and folk! The late Oliver told me: & # 39; If you do it & # 39; land & # 39; does not know, it does not come on stage. & # 39; One is Cane, who found a smithy that would make the world a break. One is Koja, but what is called the mainstream on which I have built my musical taste and direction, I will try to explain to the children that it is good and strong, because the rock and roll is returning to the big door on the world stage!

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