"Dwarves, drink poison!" Ana Nikolić drove Maria Sherifovič? (PHOTO) | Telegraph

After Maria joked on Anna's message on social networks, Nikolic had a sharp remark

Ana Nikolic, photo: Profimedia

After she put a video clip on her social network site, she advised her fans how to celebrate her birthday, singer Ana Nikolic made a real blip on the internet and got a lot of reactions.

With a bottle and a few glasses of champagne in Rome … Ana Nikolić praised luxury on her fortieth birthday, Karleušin's comment will fall to the floor! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Ana said that every woman who is 40 years old should spend her birthday in a beautiful European city by drinking champagne and buying "lubricants", and if someone can not, she should go to a hotel in Belgrade, drink on average and buy shoes in Belgrade.

Jelena Karleusa responded to Anna's announcement and she said she had to collect and become what she always was.

– Alo, woman! Shake and get up and wake up what has always been! Thunder! – Said Jelena.

Karleusa & # 39; s announcement on Instagram, Printskrin: Instagram / ananikolicofficial

Marija Serifovic did not want to leave a tweet because of Nikolic.

– Who wants to look at Hilton and drink on average? – wrote Mary and added: "Ana is a car."

The release of Maria on Twitter, Printskrin: Tviter / Marija Serifovic

This post was annoying for Anne and she shot a picture with Hollywood actress Clive Owen on Instagram and sent a message to the informed, a reference to her colleagues.

– Look who I've met. My big fan. Of course I'm joking. And only a small digression about my video. The point of the story is that you have to know how you can please yourself according to the possibilities. And the little, bad and miserable dwarfs, who of course always misunderstand everything, I have one advice: "Dwarves, drink poison". Clive seems even more beautiful in nature – she wrote, adding that she could not record video clips.

– Management gave me a veto about video & # 39; s. But expect me quickly ", the singer decided.

VIDEO: Ana Nikolic & # 39; s emotional admission to fans:


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