I am more of a place than yours for me Rijaliti

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September 30, 2018 22:30 |

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Referee Snezana Ilic snatched away the beautiful Mica

ZADRUGARI was given the task yesterday to select the three most vulnerable people in the White House and they gave up fire by the controversial Snezana Ilic, the former judge of the First Basics, who was declared the most personal by many.

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"Nobody stays with me, I gave everyone a legal advice," Snezana said. – I do not have any cigarettes, I buy a piece. I am sick, hungry. As far as Lep Mica is concerned, it needs production to tell him why I am here. I do not know why he is interested in why I am in the rial. There is more room for me here than you. Ramona, Rebecca and Dorotea are the three most prominent people in the house. They took me flour, cans and everything I had.

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