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Ilijana Vagić
Ilijana Vagić photo: preenrscreen

Ilijana Vagic, goes for a fatal woman, but also a beautiful girl, while presenting herself with her life story about her former beloved Vladimir Dik Zecevic, but during his stay there was an unsolved mystery, which is guilty.

Happy portal reveals exclusively about kissing Benjamin, but also talks ironically about getting to know Jovan Smizl.

first Last night's kiss with Benjamin surprised all people, as well as spectators. Why did this kiss come over?

– Yes, a kiss, the participants were very surprised, but Benjamin and I talked a bit about the subject and we both wanted to try each other. That was the first kiss tonight. There is a lot of jealousy, anger and anger, but my God, that is all life. And viewers enjoy and watch and expect more surprises.

second You are known as someone who likes dangerous boys, but older, what can not be said about Benjamin, how will Dika react to this scene?

– I like dangerous boys, but good, high quality … what can be said about Benj. As far as Dike is concerned, I would not want to respond, I am not in his head, and as far as I am concerned, he has a girlfriend and he is happily in love. I wish him good luck, only that I have to tell him.

Iliana and Benjamin
Iliana and Benjamin photo: preenrscreen

third Šmizla said before she came in that she did not know you and she hardly waited to face you face-to-face. How do you react to this, given that she started screaming after the entry?

She did not recognize me as I did, that's what we were doing, we stared because she loved the same kind of happiness. And, as far as sound is concerned, I do not know where you come from, we know each other.

4th Will you and Beno sign up for a relationship, depending on the events behind you?

– Yes, when there is time for it. But we have received the blessing from Smisla and God, as well as ours.

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