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Almost nine months have passed since it became known Marina Tucaković he suffers from a serious illness and is treated abroad after the operation. Although many colleagues supported her, there were few who publicly advertised on this occasion, and the only thing that could be heard of them was that Marina would be in order, which she also repeatedly remarked, that she believed that everything would be alright.

That day seems to have finally come, at least if it is judged on what it is Jelena Karleusa announced on her Twitter account that the audience was pleased with the good news about Marina:

"I have nice news for everyone, Marina Tucaković is recovering and she has already started my new songs.To prevent confusion, new songs will be released this year! Hahahaha …. Jeeoo … just a little busy. "

Then she added:

"Not to be confused, new songs will be released this year! Hahaha …. jooooj … just a little busy …"

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