PURCHASE OF PAVLA VUISIC: 30 years ago PUNISHED, and the way it is pumped into the dam!


2018/01/10. 19:05

Today she is 30 years old since the death of one of the most famous actors in the history of Serbian and Yugoslav cinema.

Pavle Vuisić

Pavle Vuisić, Photo: Printscreen

He wanted to die quietly, that it was not news. At the funeral, there was no one, Mirjana himself and the priest. Nevertheless, the voice of the famous Pavel Vuisic has never been silent and the stories from his life are told three decades after his death. Today we remind them.

Pavle Vuisic, was actually born as Vujisic, but he wore the letter "j" from his last name because he was nervous. He was born in Belgrade in 1926. He studied law and did journalism. He never managed to register for the Academy of Theater Arts (the current Faculty of Dramatic Arts).

Pavle Vuisić

Pavle Vuisić, Photo: YouTube from the screen

It was noticed after he had performed several films by Vojislav Nanovic. A few years after Nanović's "The Miraculous Sword", the first feature in which Vuisic appeared, starred in the film "Three Steps to the Blind" (1958), the director with the same name. Pavle Vuisic, as they say, literally sparkled by throwing away the competition from a professional actor.

Vuisic received the Golden Arena for the role. It was the first time that an amateur actor received the biggest actor prize. In the same season, Pavle played in five films.

Pavle Vuisic, as his colleagues remarked, repeated scenes only when others treated him unjustly. He fulfilled his role "on the first" and without mistakes. Great Orson Wales called him the best actor in the world. Despite enjoying that respect, Paja never wanted to book a career abroad.

The acting tandem in the frame was perfectly synchronized, but the two actors did not agree best in private life. About this was told by Pavel & # 39; s wife Mirjana for the needs of Aleksandar Djuricic's book "After the Phantom".

"I have never met Chkalju and if you look at Čkalja and Pavle, you see that this is an impossible merger." Čkalja is a 100-percent actor and went to the limit of his acting. "Pavle was not an actor at all, I act.

Apparently, Pavle Vuisic was often annoyed by Chkalja's "preglamming", so he refused to record the sequel "Kamiondzije vozi ponovo" after the series and film "Kamiondzija" for the first time.

"It was a year that he assured me." When I started building the building at that moment, which he liked, he measured the salary, calculated how much the gate would cost and asked for a fee of 110,000. dinars. " The producers were crazy because the maximum remuneration for the main actors was 12,000 and there was no legal possibility to give him more. "He only gave a hand, when they found a way to make videotapes that would be sold to guest baiters and secure the money they needed," said his wife.

Paul, however, had a new question – the compensation had to rise and Ckalja had to be at least 50 thousand. This is how the sequel "Kamiondzija" was shot.

He did not like communism, he loved him. An anecdote was recalled when they were kidnapped from his famous abortion on Ada and taken to the reception with Tito, all on the occasion of the movie "Neretva".

His wife, Mirjana Vuisic, told an anecdote on an occasion for Nedeljnik.

"I've learned most of Paul's stories after his death, he did not want to talk, and when he died, I gathered his friends to tell everything they knew, so I learned about it when they picked it up on Ada. They brought him to Dedinje and they wanted to train him well He was angry and said he did not want to, so if you took me like that, take me like that, he said Tito heard someone cry and took him away and then apologized A friend in Ada saw how he was led and Paul said to him: "Listen, if you tell someone, you do not exist for me." It was a shame that he went to Tito, "Mirjana Vuisic, a few years ago, remembered an anecdote about the relationship between Paul and Tito.

Namely, Paja once entered the cafe at Ada and asked for a blanket. When they asked him what his blanket would say, he had to cover Tito's image because he could not see him.

"He wanted to die quietly, that it would not be news"

There was no one at the funeral of Paul Vuisic except his wife and priest. The priest did not know who he was burying. He knew it was only a matter of a man named Pavle. Paul did not want anyone to celebrate his life. Yet, three decades after his death, this desire did not come true.


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