The moon has always dreamed of a man like Sloba: I want to have a drink together! (VIDEO) | Telegraph

Luna is talking about freedom, photo: ATA Images / TV Pink

Luna Đogani remembered her former friend Sloba Radanović, and in a conversation with co-owner Maya Marinkovic, she discovered that he was the man he always wanted and that he felt the most pleasant way, while for the other boys he always an untouchable girl had to play.

– I still dreamed that I had a man next to me who loved me the way I did. Fight, laugh, hit, fart and kakime together with him. I have never had such a man, I always had to play some fish, some Luna Jogani, a thoughtful and unassailable girl. He was the only one with whom I could do that, I never got the blame. He was my baby, I called him "teleens" – said Luna Maya Markovic, who fully understood her and agreed with her.

See how Luna described her ideal man, and she named Sloba (rewriting at 26:40):

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