The program is interrupted after a terrible scene! The employee, after a fierce arrogance, fell into unconsciousness, the crowd was watering and inviting awareness! | Telegraph

Daria fell unconscious, Printskrin: TV Pink

After the cooperatives had returned from buying, there was a general chaos. The first was the faded Nadezda Biljić, because her cigarettes had disappeared, and then there was a conflict between Darija Stević and MC Damir.

As we have learned, she physically rejected him because she did not get her food, but Damiro has stolen all her money.

Daria was out of her, she screamed and cried, and then she went downstairs to the hotel and began to surrender. The security was rushed quickly to help her, and then the video was interrupted.

We still do not know what happened to her and whether she is still in the cooperative.

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