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August 25, 2018 20:29 |

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The traditional 14th Belgrade Carnival or Ships was held today on the coast of Sava, from the Brankovo ​​Bridge to the Gazel Bridge.

The traditional 14th Belgrade Carnival or Ships was held today on the coast of Sava, from the Brankovo ​​Bridge to the Gazel Bridge.

Citizens were able to follow the carnival from the promenade on the Sava Promenade, in Beogad on the water, from 6 pm onwards, when the resurgence of the parades of boats and ships began.

On the river manifestly participated ships from all the marinas of Belgrade, and visitors enjoyed a great cultural and entertainment program on the coast.

Assistant mayor of Belgrade Andreja Mladenovic said that this manifestation confirms that Belgrade has come to the rivers and Belgrade is no empty story about water but a reality.

"We see the area of ​​the Sava promenade, and within a few weeks we will reconstruct the Karađorđeva road and the coastal area, and we will have such a continuation from the Sava promenade to the mouth of the Sava in the Danube. We also have a lot of work to do and we also have a lot of work to do to arrange the marina and glove of Čukarica, a modern marina to receive all ships, yachts and boats. "

Mladenovic says that the port of Belgrade has more and more cruisers every year, in two-digit terms, and expressed the expectation that this year will also be a record breaking in this respect.

Director of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Miodrag Popovic, said that the Belgrade Carnival or Ships is highly appreciated by the city council and TOB Belgrade citizens who are good hosts.

"When our foreign counterparts talk and write about Belgrade, they are brought to the attention of Belgradozen and the greatest gratitude is that Belgrade is such a successful tourist destination, but also the great effort of all of us together on infrastructure projects that this city have promoted. "

He said that investors have confidence in Belgrade because we have a large number of open hotels in our capital.

He said that in the first half of 2018 there were about 600,000 foreign guests and at least twice as many overnight stays and that, if this trend continues, this year will be the record and the most successful in tourism in the past five years.

Popovic added that Belgrade annually has about 600 events and that these events are important for the arrival of foreign guests.

The aim of the carnival is to emphasize the beauty of the rivers of Belgrade in an attractive and interesting way, to promote sporting activities on the water and to activate Belgrade's nautical tourism.

The award ceremony of the most beautifully decorated ships and fireworks, as well as educational and educational workshops, pirate corners, street performers, magicians, acrobats, people on crutches and many other events were organized.

Eco-zone was organized within the program along the coast, where visitors could enjoy organic food and home-made products.

This year participants in carnival also participated in the association "Zvezda", which exhibited their handmade items, and all income from the sale will go to care for young people without parental care.

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