16 engineers do not have a license because of Grdelica

Tanjug / D. Kujundžić

Zorana Mihajlović

Due to the fall of the slopes on Corridor 10 in Grdelica, Minister Zorana Mihajlovic from the Ministry of Interior has already announced that she will revoke an engineering license from everyone who signed this project, said the daily Monday in a statement.

The application was submitted on Friday, August 24th to designers, as well as the engineers who carried out the technical inspection of the main project for the construction of part of the E75 motorway on the section Grdelica (Gornje polje) – Carina valley.

The application states that in the past two months "the mobility of the site was considerable and culminated in the morning, when the collapse of a part of the construction took place, so that after twenty hours a new rust would occur".

The basis for submitting an application against 16 engineers was that they signed a design project that collapsed, which could endanger the lives and safety of people and resulted in major material damage.

It is claimed that the request from the Ministry of Construction to take the permits from the responsible persons, because without a permit they have changed the route of the highway eleven times.

The original April 2010 solution could not be executed in the field, so the contractor proposed a change.

The new solution has undergone 11 changes and it has been established that, in accordance with the law, no procedure for changing the main project or a new building permit has been obtained.

The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in the application states that the legal proceedings were not complied with in the subsequent 11 assessments, and it is suspected that all changes to the main project are the consequences of a direct agreement between the investor and the contractor.

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