A cadence in the National Library after the death of two workers

The national library of Serbia is closed until the authority of the antitrust confirms that it is safe for users and employees.

Source: B92, Beta

This was stated by the head of the National Library of Serbia, Laslo Blakovi.

"At the moment toxicological analyzes are being carried out and after that it will become known when the center is again in the function of center user, tomorrow it will certainly be closed", Blakovi told First Television about the tragedy in which two people were killed by gas leaks.

According to his words, they were invited by the library to check the installations because of the announced anti-ship security inspection.

"I do not know before the investigation will take place, but I expect this to be the cause of the tragedy," Blakovi said.

Two people died today in the National Library in Belgrade and the MUP confirmed that they had died by the outbreak.

Members of the Emergency Situations department came immediately to the scene with five vehicles and 18 firefighters and found two men in a state of rest when searching the building.

Mukarci were handed over to Emergency Relief and after an attempt to resuscitate, the deaths of two employees of a private company, who probably did a rehearsal test, were confirmed.

Minister of Culture and Information Vladan Vukosavlev said that two of the victims were employees of the company responsible for the maintenance of these systems and that they were on tour and control.

Goran Vesi, deputy mayor of Belgrade, said that it was an extraordinary check and that the private company whose employees had been killed had a permanent contract with the national library. He underlined that neither the building nor the people are at risk.

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