A prisoner threatened Vucic with a nanotube and fled to Montenegro

At the end of May, Bozidar Filipovic was arrested on a raft in New Belgrade where he threatened Vucic and Stefanovic, and after the verdict he was transferred from custody to his apartment with an electronic nanotube, following his movement.

In addition to the sentence of domestic imprisonment, Filipovic was sentenced to three years' expulsion of foreigners because he is a Montenegrin citizen, and he has no residence there, and he can not get a passport because he has been convicted several times in Serbia.

After a few days, Filipovic broke his babysitter on his own initiative and fled to Montenegro, where he was arrested again for being threatened with a gun at a cafe in Petrovac.

After his disappearance was noticed, the court in Belgrade ordered him and the prison sentence was converted into a classically effective prison.

In this case, Serbia can not request extradition for serving the prison sentence, because according to agreements with Montenegro extradition can be requested on this basis if it concerns a prison sentence of more than two years.

Serbia can ask Montenegro to admit our verdict and Filipovic in his country of origin endures the sentence for which he was convicted of threatening the Serbian president and minister.

Other cases against him are taken before the First Basic Court in Belgrade for similar offenses.

At the end of September last year, Filipovic burned his expensive "Porsche Cayenne" in Belgrade, because, as he told the media, the rebellion against the "parking service" and the current government he claims, pressurises and destroys, and is also rejected for Serbian citizenship and can not invest its own millionth capital.

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