Again, the train runs on the Loznica-Sabac route

Work on the reconstruction of the complete railway infrastructure between the two cities was the first since 70 years since the railway was built, and the value is more than two and a half billion dinars.

Next to the railway, the road crossings were reconstructed, new platforms were built and the new train station was also received by the train station in Loznica.

The reconstructed railway Šabac-Loznica-Brasina was solemnly released in traffic in the presence of the Minister of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic and the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republika Srpska, Neda Trninić, at the station "Loznica".

Mihajlovic pointed out that the reconstructed track after 13 years makes passenger traffic from Sabac to Brasina possible and improves international and freight traffic.

"I am glad that we have restored the track on which the average speed is between 10 and 30 kilometers per hour, and that is 80 today," said the minister.

Mihajlović: Transport of goods for a shorter time

According to her, the transport of goods in this section lasted up to eight hours, while it now takes one and a half hours, which she believes is important for competitiveness, development and economy.

She pointed out that the development of rail transport is one of the priorities of the Government of Serbia, which, as he says, is investing billions of euros in the modernization of Corridor 10 and the construction of the Belgrade-Budapest high-speed circuit. .

She added that investment in regional railways is equally important, and that 280 km of such railways will be reconstructed in this and next year.

"We can not only develop important corridors that are important for international transport, but regional railways are equally important," Mihajlovic said.

Director-General of "Railway Infrastructure Serbia" Miroljub Jevtić said that the reconstruction work included the Petlivaca-Loznica and Loznica-Gornja Koviljaca departments, as well as the pavement of 16 road crossings and the reconstruction of the Loznica station.

"At the border station of Brasina reflector lighting was installed and the citizens of Majur got a railway stand for the first time," said Jevtic.

Railway line Šabac-Loznica was built in 1950.

Mihajlovic: "Bratoljub" is not in office due to the debt of the Federation of BiH

"Bratoljub" bridge is not operational for political reasons, said the Minister of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic, adding that the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is unable to solve the problem of access roads and border crossings in order to bridge the gap. transport.

She said that Serbia and the Republika Srpska are not responsible for the failure of the Bratotub bridge between Ljubovija and Bratunac, which according to Mihajlovic was completed within a year ago.

"It seems to me that this has to do with politics that should not disturb citizenship, what a connection it has to which nationality, it is important to make contact," said the minister to the journalists in Loznica.

Mihajlovic added that Serbia will do everything to ensure that traffic at the border crossings between Serbia and the Republic of Srpska is higher.

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