ALL HORN DATA IN MARAKANA: Bomb on the leader of the cooperative! Who is the real target? She was already threatened by Anabela and the moon Black Chronicle

ALL HORN DATA IN MARAKANA: Bomb on the leader of the cooperative! Who is the real target? She was already threatened by Anabela and Moon

Photo: Instagram, private archive, Damir Dervišagić, Instagram

Jeep "toyota lend cruiser", driven by the co-owner of the "Cooperative" Dusica Jakovljevic and her friend Jovica Aleksic, was yesterday morning in a terrible explosion of a bomb planted under the car in a parking lot in Ljutica Bogdan Street in front of the building where the journalist Pinka lives.

From the silence of the explosion of the bombs of great destructive force, glass collapsed into the surrounding buildings and destroyed two cars, but fortunately nobody was injured.

– The jeep of the pilot was parked about ten meters from the entrance of the building, not far from the kindergarten. The site exploded at one point and the roof, the doors, the glass and other parts of the fleet flew over the entire area. The police found metal parts of the car and about 100 meters from the parking lot where it was located. It is a big fortune that none of the tenants in the nearby buildings around 8:30 am, around 8:30 am, was not in the vicinity of the car when it was in the air – says Kurir as the source of the research.

photo: Vladimir Šporčić

She was in the apartment

According to the addressees, Dusica Jakovljevic, the coordinator of the "cooperative", was in the apartment at the time of the explosion. A car that had exploded during an explosion was not driven on them, but they were driven by her and her friend.

– On working days, usually at the time of the explosion, she regularly drove a daughter and son to a kindergarten and to school. Happiness in an accident is that the explosion occurred on Saturday, when educational institutions do not work. From the window the nose saw that the car was flying in the air, caught fire and therefore was transported to the hospital. They left her quickly and returned to the building to talk to the police, "says the interlocutor.

After she left the hospital, the wry Dusica Kurir said she did not want to comment on the matter.

"It's going well, I have no comment until the police finishes the investigation," she said with tears.

photo: Vladimir Šporčić


Police and forensic investigation immediately came to the scene of the explosion, which examined the car in detail and collected clues. According to unofficial information from the research it is suspected that the motive of the attack was a warning for the emotional partner Dusica Jakovljevic, who is currently not in the country. Apparently the car has not been removed from the parking lot in the past few days.

– Jovica Aleksic, with whom Dusica has been in contact for some time, is known to the police of the police since he was arrested for drug trafficking. This was most likely a warning addressed to him. It is possible that he himself knew that he was in danger, because he had left Serbia a while ago and apparently temporarily sailed to Dubai. In other words, Aleksic, according to our information, is located near the criminal group of Banovo Brdo, and was also the cum of the murdered Dragoje Trisic Trichet – explained the source of the courier.

– Everything indicates that this is bribery because of the dominance of the narcotics market. The conductor, however, also heard, pointing to another direction of the investigation, namely that she was threatened – says the source of the Kurir.

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Dragoje Trisic, alias Trsa (44), a former fiancée model Ivana Kukrić, a cat named Jelena Karleuša, was the boyfriend of the boy Dušica Jakovljević.

– Jovica Aleksic & # 39; s Kum had enemies and knew that he was in danger. The police found a gun after she found it. The bullet was in the tube, but he could not pull it out and defend it – remembers the source of the courier. He does not rule out the same team sending a warning message to Aleksic.

The neighbors in shock


Suseda Dušica Jakovljević shocked the terrible blast for their building. They say that the detonation was extremely strong.

– It is difficult to describe how powerful the detonation was. Believe me, I was in the army and I heard gunshots and explosions, but this is something I have never heard of. It is good that there were no children in the neighborhood – says the neighbor.

One of the tenants in the building told us that yesterday he escaped death by his hair.

– I'm lucky I was in another room, away from the window. Otherwise, who knows if I would draw a living head, because all the windows in my apartment were destroyed by the terrible explosion – tells the tenant.

photo: Instagram


Dusica Jakovljevic

• Journalism is about 20 years old

• She was married to producer Alexander Miljus

• From the first marriage he has a son, Ognjen I, daughter Angela

• She came into contact with Jovic Aleksic four years ago

Jovica Aleksic

• Arrested for drug use

• The killing of Dragoje Trišić Triše, a clear drug dealer

• Leads in connection with a criminal clan of Ban & # 39; s Hill

• It is reported that he is currently not in the country

(ć – J. Spasić / Photo: Instagram, private archive, Damir Dervišagić)


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