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We did not meet in UA, the politics of Vucic, we are not interested in his political program, but we are against the way of the country to do things, we are against humiliating agriculture, we are against the bad labor laws, we are against free speech.

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Photo: Alliance for Serbia

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We have gathered to break the inequality and that Serbia is a country of equal citizens, said Borko Stefanovic at the presentation of the Alliance for Serbia in Zrenjanin.

In conversation with citizens, nine representatives of the parties and associations responded to questions about small wages, living conditions, freedom of speech.

Among them were Zoran Lutovac, Dragan Đilas, Zdravko Ponoš, Boško Obradović, mayor of Šapca Željko Veselinović.

– The most important point of the Alliance for Serbia is to involve people in public life, to participate and to determine the national currency and the public interest. Everyone in their midst. We want millions to decide not one man – said Veselinovic in Zrenjanin.

Dragan Djilas recalled that Serbia was tormented by the black balanced birth, the massive emigration of the young population in search of a better life and a poor economy and standard, and declared that he believed that the state should remain the owner of state-owned enterprises, particularly PKB. Zdravko Ponoš expressed his concern that for six years the government of the SNS has changed six defense ministers, showing that this area of ​​government is irrelevant and voiced its concern about the announcement of the demarcation with Kosovo.

– For us the refuge of the Serbian constitution and resolution 1244, in which Kosovo is an integral part of the state of Serbia – Boško Obradovic was encouraged in an interview with the citizens.

On the objection that the opposition is right, that the DS will disappear, Zoran Lutovac replied that the citizens want the opposition to unite, suppress their program and ideological differences and address the common goal, create the conditions for a peaceful and democratic power shift. and free, parliamentary elections, an introduction to normal Serbia.

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