Alliance for Serbia: Prevent the sale of state property

The founders of the Alliance for Serbia pointed out in an interview with the citizens of Zrenjanin that the further sale of the most valuable state properties should be stopped in abandonment, to achieve equality and to prevent the division of Serbia against itself, that is, to say "ours for ours".

The president of the Serbian movement Dveri Bosko Obradovic said that the 30-point program of the Alliance for Serbia does not contain words about large national televisions and added that there is no normal life in Serbia.

"It is why we are together, the Serbian political scene is no longer the same, it is time to end the expiration period and to have a time of freedom." Read 30 points from the Alliance and you will be surprised how many subjects we have agreed, "said Obradovic at a meeting in hotel" Vojvodina ".

Speaking of the sale of state property, Dragan Đilas said that it is not true that nothing that is able to function, can not function, but is only a matter of those who lead it, know how to do it.

"The BG train has been delayed seven seconds per year, which shows that we can do it whenever we want," Djilas said and asked if "the Germans would be Germans if they had 25,000 dinars".

Democratic Party President Zoran Lutovac stressed that the Alliance for Serbia would not be a right-wing organization, and judges that this is a necessary form of organizing politically responsible actors who are willing to bring their programs to the overall goal – the normalization of daily life in Serbia.

The Vice-President of the People's Party and former Chief of Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Zdravko Ponos, said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will not hear the military summit because he only portrays himself with the generals, but never talks to them.

"If he wanted to hear people from the military top, they could tell him what kind of Serbia would be the crossed gang, and ask him how he planned to divorce and give us ours," said Ponos. .

President of the Serbian left, Borko Stefanovic, said the Alliance for Serbia did not meet in the "ua, Vucic" policy because it did not personally object to it, but to the fact that pensioners and employees in Serbia as a result of her policies are the poorest in Europe.

"We will do everything we can to make Serbia not the last hole in Europe without justice and equality, and we will return the inequality in the darkness of the past, where its place is," said Stefanovic.

Asked how power can be removed in undemocratic terms, President Together for Serbia, Nebojsa Zelenovic, said that it is not dependent on Vucic, but on the citizens of Serbia who have to take control of fate and not believe the untruths in the media instead of their banknotes.

Representative of the Movement for Revolution, Nada Sporin, said that the sale of land to foreigners was a mushroom in Vojvodina, where the land that the farmers worked gave to those who enjoyed the support of the authorities, and added that the PKB Belgrade can not be sold to devastation and the Alliance stands for the return of subsidies of 12,000 dinars per hectare.

President of the Unions of Serbia "Sloga" Zeljko Veselinovic said that in Serbia the lowest average wage in Serbia as well as minimum wages, determined by the IMF without respecting the criteria such as the price of the consumer basket and the price increase of staple food products.

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