Americans marry Croatians and announce eight things that make him nervous – the whole Balkan weeps away from the trash


2018/08/26. 13:38 – 26.08.2018. 13:49

The American married the Croats and publicly announced OSAM STVARI who were nervous about him

Khalid Hedershot is a young American who brings details of her life to her blog in Croatia.

SKANDAL OF SKANDALS! The Siberians defeated Vučić with the same insults used by Dragan Đilas, Boško Obradović and Vuk Jeremic! (PHOTO)

Blogerka (26) moved a little more than a year ago from the United States, and in this extremely interesting video she told her what made her man the most crippled.

first Eat bread – How she says too much food, besides everything. It is unthinkable for her.

second juice – She does not know why she drinks so much and does not get water. Many are not the same as water (she says).

"I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE GUIDE IS WHEN …" The bus driver sat in the bus and waited for him to go, then he saw the scene and hit the car, but the end was still the best! (PHOTO)

third beer – Okay, everyone drinks beer sometimes, but after running or training it is unthinkable.

4. While driving, it accelerates when you see it STOP character or red at the traffic light.

"I loved SAMPLE EXCELLENCE OF 5,800 DINARS" Serbs are dressed, pumps fuel and buys food in the region, and these are the most prosperous destinations!

5. Hours are in a café.

6. How can you give it up? suddenly go to coffee.

7th meat – Just like honey, he feels he eats too much.

8th And finally cognac – No, do not drink too much, but that cognac for everyone will never understand.

VUČIĆ WAS TO BRITISH AMBASSADOR KIFU If this is dangerous, what are you on your way to the limits of 2008?


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