"and set the lawyer's office on fire" VIDEO

Another attack on lawyers. After midnight, the law firm of Nada Milosavljeva in Rakovica was set on fire.

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screenshot / first

The chairman of the Bar Association of Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia Tintor, said that himself and the burning of the office, that is, to achieve a net performance – crazy.

As he said on the first television, Aunt does not only apply to this lawyer.

As reported, Nada Milosavljevy treated the processes between the aria and the port of Belgrade.

"I do not know what subjects my colleague represented, I did not manage to contact her, later I saw some signs that she was out of the country." I also tried to contact my colleague's lawyer, that lawyer is at the office, to see how the lawyers can help, case files in the office, a closet undamaged, that pier has not compromised the case where the files are placed, "said Tintor.

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