Another collapse of the supporting wall for the Predejane tunnel


The retaining wall in the Grdeličko gorge on Corridor 10 has collapsed again and as reported by the First Television, it is the third time in the last five months that this wall has collapsed. Corridors of Serbia announced that on the part of Gornje Polje – Caricina Dolina, opposite the Predejane tunnel on Corridor 10, a 50-meter damage to the supporting structure and destabilization of part of the protective slope, with a total length of 725 meter.

the landslide this morning around nine o'clock destroyed about 500 square meters of concrete gallery above the site where the new law of the new highway was built, and at the time of the concrete, land and stones there were no workers in the neighborhood.

  news from tunnel manifestation 03 08 2017

After the second demolition, the state hired Marinos Skempas, expert in the field of slopes, to solve the problem, but another demolition took place.

Construction inspection during the day and emergency meetings of all responsible participants in the project: contractors, supervisors, investors, designers and others were held on the spot to determine the exact causes of the collapse of the supporting wall and emergency remediation measures were taken, declared the Corridors of Serbia

] Given the degree The work on this section reached 90.5 percent of the completed works, the works on this part of the Corridor 10-route will be continued, despite the necessary remediation of this part of the construction site.

The contractor for this step is the Spanish company Azvi and the expert supervision by the consortium "Louis Berger and Egnatia Odos."

The execution of these works is financed by the European Investment Bank.

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