Arrested with an explosive and four automatic rifle frames, and then gave the police a false ID card Telegraph

The suspect was detained for up to 48 hours and was to be prosecuted by the prosecutor's office in Kragujevac

Explosive, arrest

S.L. (39) from the Zubinbeek was arrested on suspicion of being committed offenses of unauthorized manufacture, possession, execution and trade in weapons and explosive materials and forgery of documents.

The police in Arandjelovac found in a bag with a suspect 500 grams of explosives, a first capsule and four automatic rifle frames it was announced by the police administration in Kragujevac.

A burglar of Novi Sad was arrested: he stepped into a jeweler and fled when the workers resisted

Not to disclose his identity, police officers are legitimized gave a fake ID card with his photo and the details of another person.

The suspect will be detained for up to 48 hours and he will be accused of criminal prosecution in the higher prosecutor's office in Kragujevac.


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