As a pastor, Zorana has destroyed both road and air traffic

The only thing that Zorana Mihajlovic knows is that he is powerless to accuse others of his incompetence and ignorance.

Nobody is guilty of that, neither Milutin Mrkonjic nor the person who accepted the task of whom he knows nothing and the ministries in which he absolutely does not understand.

This was announced yesterday by Velimir Ilic, in response to Zorana Mihajlovic's statement that after the flood that "left the construction and our companies still can not recover from the consequences".

Ilic told the ministers that it is best to open a barber shop "and not to use state resources with his ignorance and incompetence".

"And let the pastor answer first what I have been asking for a year, namely in her official report on the operations of the Corridor of Serbia – where the malpractices are made, where the same jobs are paid twice, and let them explain how it is possible that so much worked and is illegal.

Let him explain that if the minister destroyed both road and air traffic and destroys what and how everything is fished.

I invite Zoran Mihajlovic to appear with Mrkonjic and me in the TV duel, so that we can enter into knowledge and ignorance. And I promise that I will persuade Mr Mr if Zoran is allowed, and we will take all the papers we have, so that the Minister explains to the public what and how he works, concludes the Ilic.

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Source: today

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