Association: Iguman Janjić can not stay in Decani

BELGRADE – Association of families of kidnapped and killed people in Kosovo has appealed to Serbian patriarch Irinej that father Sava Janjic does not dare to stay in Visoki Decani.

In a letter to the patriarch Irinej, the Association states that Janjic fanatically claims that Serbia recognizes the integrity and independence of Kosovo, that it condemned Serbia in 1944 and 1999 for excessive use of force over Albanians, that it never intended to reject Haradinaj and Thaci, responsible for the kidnapping of Serbian civilians in 1998 and that he did not support the protest of the families of kidnapped and killed children, which lasted from 10 July to 9 August 2001 in Gracanica.

photo Tanjug / E.Tahirović, archive

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