Babić about demolition of the supporting wall: we end the Corridor, despite the problems economy

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20 August 2018 12:06> 18:16 |

The rehabilitation of the support structure and the part of the protective slope for the Predejane tunnel, about 100 meters long, on the part of the highway from Grdelica to the Caricina valley that crashed on Sunday – starts on Tuesday

The rehabilitation of the supporting structure and the part of the protective slope for the Predejane tunnel in the length of about 100 meters on the part of the highway from Grdelica to the Caricina valley that crashed on Sunday will start Tuesday.

Damage that will occur will not delay the works on the motorway through the Grdeličko gorge on the south side of Corridor 10, says director of "Corridor of Serbia" Zoran Babić, who says that the collapse of Kosina 2 somehow was expected, and "Corridors" previously prepared the project technical documentation for the construction of a new gallery at the highest point of the "Kosina 2", part of which collapsed on Sunday.

"At the end of this calendar year, Serbia's corridors will complete a modern, stable and safe motorway through the Grdelic gorge in full profile, all 26 kilometers." I think that's the most important thing at the moment, "Babic said.

This section, which is being built by the Spanish company Azvi, has completed 90.5 percent and the smaller part of the Kosina 2, which collapsed, will not delay the work on the highway, Babic said.

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"We expected these things, we anticipated them because we monitor all the slopes on a daily basis and on Kosina 2, and in April we knew that the previous project solution was not adequate and we were sure that this scenario would come for two months, two years … ", explains the director of" Corridor ".

Because the collapse was predicted, Babic explains, in April they started developing project documentation for the gallery in the highest part of Kosina 2.

"Six days ago we started with the work on the gallery, unfortunately nature has let us stop, this will not stop us in the works." We are now starting rehabilitation on Kosina 2 because we have a project and a project solution for this rehabilitation, the gallery about both semi-profile of the motorway ", explains Babic.

It says that a larger amount of material will be saturated, which will also permanently stabilize this slope.

"What we have done so far in two shifts, we will now work in three, and therefore there is no question when it will end." The completion of all works on the entire South Corridor 10 along the Grdelica Gorge will be completed by the end of this calendar year ", says Babic.

He explains that at present three of the six sections have been completed and that the asphalt lies between 22 and 23 kilometers from the motorway.

"The construction of a gallery with the casting of the earth involves a lot of work, the construction of poles, on which the gallery will stand.All these works will cost us seven million euros, but I think it is the most important thing at the moment that the citizens of Serbia by the end of the year will get a modern safe highway through Grdeličku gorge ".

When asked who was responsible for the omissions in Kosina 2, Babic said that the issue of responsibility is already being dealt with by the competent government authorities.

"The responsibility and what happened yesterday, but also in the past, is already being dealt with and will be dealt with by the competent government authorities," said Babic.

"I'm not going to do this, I've come here to build and build a modern and safe highway with the responsible and professional people in the Corridors of Serbia, and we'll treat the team."

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