Belgrade – murder – Bulevar kralja Aleksandra

The dead man's body was found this morning before 8:00 am on the Boulevard of King Aleksandar in Belgrade, number 356. Suspicious woman was arrested. UZNEMIRUJU SADRŽAJ!

Photo: Mondo / Stefan Stojanovic


An ambulance is at 7:57 am, found the death of a man Z. T.

The murder is a suspect woman (70), who was killed in a lawsuit about the plot, the Belgrade media reported, and then the police confirmed in a statement.

Report of the CONSUMER HOLDER site:

source: Tanjug

She reportedly shot at him from a rifle in the middle of the street. She fired three shots in him, two slapped him, one in the stomach, the other in her head, and then returned to her house, where the police searched and found the weapon, unofficially outdated "Kurir".

The police have already checked the footage of the surveillance cameras that have been set up on the street, which will show what really happened. The suspect is subjected to the paraffin glove test.

The statement by the MUP states that members of the Interior Ministry in Belgrade S. S. (1949) arrested Belgrade for suspicion that it committed the crime of murder.

The suspicion is that around 8.00 am a 45-year-old man with firearms was executed at Zvezdara around 8.00 am.

According to the order of the public prosecutor, the defendant was detained for a maximum of 48 hours and, in addition to criminal prosecution, would be brought to the public prosecutor's office in Belgrade.

An outcast man in Jug Bogdanovoj

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