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August 23, 2018 22:02 |

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The reintroduction of compulsory military service is not only a subject in Serbia, but also in many European countries. Military duty is considered by Croatia, Germany, and already has Switzerland, Denmark, Norway …

MANDATORY military term of three months, with less professional top professionals. Serving the army at the place of stay or the surrounding area, with certain financial incentives or benefits.

Security experts are thus outlined by the composition of the Serbian armed forces, when a state and military summit is organized on the reintroduction of the obligation to serve a military service.

The President of the Republic has confirmed that he is considering introducing a military term of no longer than six months with an advantage for soldiers with a job in public administration. This obligation could enter into force in 2020 or 2021. The final decision will, however, only be taken after all analyzes at the highest level, including the financial construction.

The Ministry of Defense confirms that work on the detailed analysis is already under way.

– We started to draw up a study on the possibility of returning military service obligations. It has never ended, but it was only suspended by the Assembly's decision since January 2011. Since then it has been carried out according to the principle of voluntariness and the rest is the obligation to recruit recruits in military archives and serve as reserve troops – remember Ministry of Defense.

The reintroduction of full military obligations is justified by the increasing security challenges, the policy of military neutrality and the weakening of defense sources. The global turmoil is also a strong argument in favor of strengthening the armed forces

PROFESSIONALS MORE AS The year in which the transition from the existing to the system would take place. According to some estimates, armaments would cost about 70 billion dinar, which is close to the annual military budget. The financial burden for the coming years would be incomparably smaller, because most investments relate to the initial phase of the new system. – It is a shame that a professional army is cheaper. No one can convince me that a regular soldier shooter must be a professional – admits Admiral Antic.

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About these reasons and how well and developed European countries are. The return of military obligations is not only a subject in Serbia, but also in EU Member States. Reinforcement of the military term is announced by Croatia, the same changes are being considered by Hungary, but also by Germany, where it is proposed to pay the national debt for as much as eight months. The military personnel in Austria serve six months, or nine in the civil service.

Switzerland is also on the same track, which, although it is neutral since 1815, has a five-month service, along with the permanent lending of weapons and equipment. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Norway and the United Kingdom have a compulsory military term in combination with a professional composition of six to twelve months.

According to the words of the admiral with Bosko Antic's pension, a precise answer to the questions that the army needs, how much a military service will cost and what the optimal military term will look like, a comprehensive study that gathers all previous experiences .

– The system of scrupulous but better educated and paid professional armies, reinforced by compulsory recruitment, would be much more efficient for Serbia – says Antić. – Professional army is uncertain and more expensive. There is no doubt that the transition to the new system requires little money, but the results would certainly be better.

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In order to let the new system survive, it is necessary, according to the admiral, to prepare new generations spiritually, which over time have lost the sense of attachment to the state.

– Three months are sufficient for effective military training, where professionals have to be held in places in units dealing with handling techniques – says Antić.



– I have already applied for a voluntary military service and I am waiting for a phone call. I think every man should go through military service for at least six months, because this is one of the ways to strengthen physically and mentally.

MAJA POPOVIĆ, economist

– If something has already been abolished, it means there were reasons for it, and I do not understand why the question is put back to return it. I do not agree to return to military service because I think there is no need for that.


– The service of military service would certainly lead to young people, younger men who behave more and more strange nowadays. Some basic values ​​have been lost and can be reversed after serving the army.


– Youth has been released from the chain, I do not know if the army could solve the situation, but would be able to understand them. I agree that the army must be reintroduced and that we all have training to learn how to deal with weapons.

ŽARKO ŠAKIĆ, economist

– It is important that we have a small, specialized and efficient army, with modern technology. The military term can last for three months, but it is important that it is 90 effective days for learning. These young people understand how important it is to serve the army.

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