BOSNIA & # 39; S VIDEO ABOUT BIRTHDAY CHILDREN AND KILLED BY CIRCULAR Sniper: 19 years later, his wife arrives on stage because of her negligence (VIDEO) | Telegraph

Deadly guinea pigs hit him in the heart after his clash with the zealous terrorist KLA

The uncle three weeks after his birthday angel Angel, police reserve Bozo Petkovic, the sniper rifle of the KLA soldiers was killed on 19 April 1999 during the NATO bombing in the village of Orlate in Kosovo.

Region full of paramilitary camps! To reveal the scandalization of Serbian security figures: here is a call for a new war against Serbs

Deadly guinea pigs hit him in the heart after his engagement with the fast terrorist liberation army of Kosovo. It fired after a few minutes and exhaled in the hands of the best man.

His wife Jasmina was severely susceptible to the loss of her husband, and the pain felt today, 19 years later.

Living novels and leading incredible scenes, however, provoked an event that Jasmina shared in his Tviter order today.

When lost things find their way to you. My late husband in 1996. Today I was admitted to hospital she wrote her along with a video that showed her husband and her companions of the unit.

Namely, she received images from, as reported, in 1996, and showed her husband how she made a statement for RTS explaining how his unit works.

We have been together since the first exercise. When someone leaves others, the other person automatically pulls out the thicker end he said.

The scene was shared by his older Catherine Catherine on the same social network with a huge message.

God, how big and how nice a story is, I can not … I've looked 200 times she wrote, adding that "she can not say how much she slept and how much she did not know he said the letter" r ", how strange she said" with "and" š ".

"I watch the images a hundred times," she wrote.

His wife begged him not to return to the battlefield: he told me that he could not leave his companions

According to Jasmine's wife, when she went out of bed with her baby, the situation was terrible. Sirens were heard, media reported attacks.

On April 6, on Great Friday, Bozo resigned unannounced. He did not sleep that night. In the morning I begged him not to come back, but there was no chance, he told me: "I can not leave my companions, what is down is awful." We grew up kissing the child and never saw him again Jasmina spoke with a trembling voice.


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