"Bridge of Understanding" – welcome wrinkles of age

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, recalled that the number of older people is growing and that therefore the social inclusion of the elderly in all areas of life is important for the development of every society.

She added that the exhibition celebrates the dignity of the elderly, their skills, wisdom, depth, the emotions they give us and the warmth they carry for us.

According to her, it is important that today, when society celebrates instant culture and knowledge, but also youth and beauty, the abuses that bring years are welcome.

She recalled that many, like Pythagoras, contributed the most to mankind in their third year of life.

"The number of young people with a positive image of the elderly is getting bigger and more frequent, and they have the opportunity to spend time with the elderly themselves, and the picture is better and it would be the same for all social groups," Jankovic said. .

"You have a great future," said the American photographer Harvey Lloyd (91) against Belgrade residents over the age of 80.

"Respect, love, dignity and care are what every society should offer to the elderly," says Lloyd, one of the leading artists in the Breaking the Light movement, whose works are shown in the most famous museums in the world.

Lloyd added that the old, who are the symbol of wisdom, who, as he adds, likes to rebuild with trees "we can not go as it is done with forest giant seeds in America."

Nadezda Sataric from NGO Amity of Friendship Friends pointed out that it is good that after four years the law on pension reduction has been abolished.

"Retired people from 1 November will feel the benefits of pensioners, and I hope that this will at least contribute a bit to improving their socio-economic position," said Sataric.

"In the coming period, in addition to the economic situation, we will continue to devote ourselves to issues of community development services, especially those related to social and health services, as well as all others necessary for our fellow citizens, the issues of combating discrimination and prejudice, "said Suzana Paunović, director of the Office for Human Rights and Minorities.

"The necessary reform of the social security system"

The EU representative in Serbia, Inge Engstrom, said that more needs to be done in Serbia to improve the social inclusion of older people. According to him, a reform of the social support system is needed.

"It is good that society is slowly recognizing the contributions of older fellow citizens. The goal is to get more out of life, which is not only useful for individuals, but for the whole society," said Engstrom, adding that it it is very important to provide support. active and healthy aging, which implies support on the labor market and more recognition for their contributions.

The Serbian Red Cross president Dragan Radovanovic said that one of the goals of the organization is to awaken the hope of all citizens who live at the age of 3 in order to offer society, the family and each other much more.
Today, more than one billion people over 60 live in the world, in every fifth citizen in Serbia in the last 10 years, and in the United States, they account for 15 percent of the population.

"Bridging the gap between old and young"

US Ambassador Kyle Scott said it is necessary to bridge the gap between young and old and do more to restore ties between generations.

"Their experience, maturity and wisdom are the riches of every society," Scott said, recalling that he was recently more than 60 years old, which, as he adds in a joke, was the reason why the manager invited to the meeting.

He recalled that important programs' young and old connect together, as well as programs that teach computer work, with the highest number of visitors in every American corner.

The exhibition was used to award the students, participants in the competition in the field of intergenerational cooperation, in the branch office of the Trustee.

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