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They have waited 45 minutes for transport.

The Zemun suburb in Belgrade has about 20,000 inhabitants and only two bus lines to the center, 704 and 707, whose residents claim to be "catastrophic and unreasonable", with calls for dissatisfaction.

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The Belgrade Transport Company (GSP) Belgrade is on these two lines, but claims that passengers are not right and that "the Zemun facility maintains and supplies the required number of vehicles to ride on the line, according to the current order of the rides" .

According to the GSP data submitted by the city secretariat for public transport at the request of FoNet, the "delivery of the departures" in July was 704 93.30 per cent and 707 per cent 93.58 per cent.

This is in contrast to the accusations of angry passengers, who notice that they wait at least 45 minutes, especially after the end of the working hours.

On line 704 five vehicles have to be transported, and on 707 six, but the drivers themselves admit that it is not available and that there is only "on paper".

Unlike private airlines that pay a "fine" for non-compliance with the rally, the GSP does not apply.

This is confirmed by the traffic inspectors themselves who deal with citizen applications because it loses SAP and everything is paid from the city's caseload.

Despite the allegations of the Secretariat for Public Transport that the GSP has ordered that the departure on all routes is in accordance with the rally, the FoNeta team insisted that the 707 bus, which had to start at 4:02 PM, had gone before. .

The one who had to be next and came to 16:20 did not even appear, which is an indirect proof of the passenger's claim that the GSP "steals" on these lines every hour.

The GSP driver's themselves say that the ground-breaking facility is the most difficult, since almost all "crntie" of other drives have been moved there, so errors are commonplace.

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