Conflict between supporters of Miša Vacić and Sima Spasić with Sasa Jankovic (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

At the moment, the former Ombudsman even filed banners in which the supporters of Serbian law and the association of families of the kidnapped and murdered Kosovo messages developed against him

At a meeting for the Serbian presidency building on Andric's wounds today, an incident occurred when a group of people led by Misa Vacić and Sim Spasić tried to prevent Sašo Jankovic from organizing a meeting outside the Serbian Presidency of the chairman of the Free Movement of Serbia (PSG).

For Saša Jankovic and his supporters, a group of people with developed transcriptions, led by the leader of the Serbian Right Association Misa Vacić, and the president of the Association of Families of Kidnapped and Killed from Kosovo by Sim Spasić, disappeared.

At the moment, the former protector of the citizens even closed the banners and said: "Parents wonder why Predrag Gojkovic was killed from your weapon?" And "Sasa Jankovic, why are you looking for a chair for a false Kosovo state in the UN?"

After kissing and maiming supporters of two groups, Jankovic managed to reach the presidency and held another in a series of protests on Friday afternoon, in which he asked the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

The police have secured the building of the presidency all the time.


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