CRIME IN THE KNEE: Kill a man for 20 euro records

D. Novković |

September 30, 2018 11:01> 22:02 |

A crime near Petrovac on Mlavi, monsters have killed a neighbor who has sold the field. Colima accompanied a victim on a bicycle and when they caught him, they beat him down

Nebojsa Milosevic, 43, from Knezica, was arrested on suspicion of killing Slavoljub Dragomirovic (66), farmers from Melnica on September 27, while his friend Malisa Dragutinovic, also from Knezica, was arrested for complicity. This crime took place on the road Knežica-Melnica, while Slavoljub returned from Petrovac to Mlavi on his bike, which he took after repairing the service. The suspects followed him and then Nebojša got out of the car, grabbed a cake from a nearby field and killed him with several strokes on his head.

After he had determined that Slavoljub was dead, he took out 20 euros and 300 dinars from the wallet and then fled.

– When the body was found, it was thought that Slavoljuba was hit by a car. However, the autopsy showed that death was the result of injuries caused by a blunt object. Reconstruction of the event, it was established that Slavoljub had previously drunk beer in Petrovac with Nebojša, when he saw money in his wallet and called his friend Malisha to come by car – we learned from the source of the further investigation.

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As soon as Slavoljub left for Melnica, the two men followed him by car. On a hill, when he turned to Melnica, Slavoljub got off the bike and pushed him because he was on a hill. Then Nebojsa came out, grabbed the cake, and killed him. During the investigation, his fingerprints were found on Slavoljub's bicycle when he showed him how he could change the speed. They were arrested and interrogated in the presence of ex officio assigned defenders. Both recognized the work with which they were charged and then surrendered to a high-ranking public prosecutor in Pozarevac.

The villagers in Melnica are shocked by this tragedy.

Radomir Milicanovic

– I just went to Slavoljub's funeral with my wife. On Thursday we heard that a vehicle was hit and the driver escaped. Only after we have heard that someone from Knezica has been killed. Really tragic. Slavoljub was a good and worthy man, he was engaged in agriculture and supported his wife and son, who are sick – said the townsman Radomir Milicanovic. Many relatives and friends gathered at the Slavoljub shipyard on Sunday, and a long column of vehicles was parked in front of the gate because many wanted to be forgiven for the last time.

The channel in which the body of Slavoljub was thrown / Photo D. Novković

arable land

According to unofficial information, Slavoljub recently sold the field. This suspicious Nebojsa Milosevic knew why he believed that Slavoljub had more money with him. According to the police statement, however, they found him and took them 20 euros and 300 dinars.

previous beliefs

As some residents of Knezica told us, both suspects had to deal with & # 39; dark & ​​# 39; cases and Nebojsa was repeatedly convicted of theft. If he is convicted of a serious murder for which he is currently being charged, he is sentenced to a prison sentence of 10 to 40 years.

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